• Here’s what these folks did to my yard. KILLED all my front yard grass and 1/3 of my back yard by putting down fertilizer (that I didn’t ask for and without telling me) while I was away on vacation… Their proposed solution was to re-seed… but that work was just as bad as the fertilizer. The topsoil they put down was full of large rocks, sticks and EVEN BROKEN GLASS!

  • They provide good service and have a very friendly staff, they answered all my question when I called.

  • Kathleen Carroll

    (April 29, 2019 - 6:15 pm)

    We’ve used these folks for years. This spring, the rain gave our lawn a sudden, Martian-like growth spurt. We sent Upper Mountain a photo of the lawn and they responded immediately, taming the yard back to normal.

  • George Shchegolev

    (May 15, 2019 - 4:37 pm)

    Do not hire this company for any of your landscaping needs.

    They came out to mow my lawn a day after it rained for four days. I wasn’t home. When I arrived, the grass was ripped out in several places. Their crew left wet grass clippings throughout the lawn. Furthermore, they decided to “clean beds,” which I didn’t sign up for (I am not paying for it, they charge extra for it) and they killed 7 to 10 plants and more importantly left debris all over the beds.

    I contacted them with a complaint and asked them to call me. They did not call me, and Dianna emailed me stating that it was wet after several days of rain, this is normal, and they will seed it next time they are over. This behavior is NOT normal, ripped out patches of grass is detrimental to the health of the lawn.

    I politely terminated my contract with them and will be invoicing them for all the damage.

    Dianna also told me that they do NOT have liability insurance. So if they cause any significant damage to your property, you are not protected.

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