• Charles Interdonato

    (June 5, 2019 - 7:20 pm)

    Matthew was very polite and professional. I especially like the custom report (via email) he provided after the lawn treatment. It is very informative, and I was pleased that for each “concern” he indicated about my lawn, he applied a treatment for same. He also asked me about the weed problem that I reported and asked if it had improved. I indicated that it did not get worse, which is good! Matthew indicated that he would also treat those specific weed areas again with this treatment, for which I was very appreciative.

  • I recently signed up for service with Green Lawn after 10 years with a competitor. What drew me to this company was the personal service the Route Manager, Charlie, provided. He was great. He helped me find a plan and customized it to meet my exact needs. It is unusual to find a company like this in these days of robotic big corporate dominance. I will update my review after service starts, but I am already impressed.

  • Very disappointed at the quality of the core aeration we had done on the lawn. The plugs were less than a 1/2 inch deep if they were noticeable at all

    This was after they had to cancel the first appointment, said they would reschedule, and then I had to follow up

    Overall not a good experience.

  • We bought a house with a chewed up, not so attractive lawn. After a spring, summer, fall feeding and a fall seeding, our lawn looks so nice and green. Grass is even growing in areas I thought were just dead. I plan to keep using them each year.

  • Must say I was recently in a pickle with my lawn was using another lawn company and was over paying and was not getting any results and lawn was in shape I was very disappointed about I did research and looked up up green lawn fertilizen company and must say it looks like a doll house lawn now the greenest I have ever had it and now my front lawn is completely weed free super thick and I even post pics on the lawn it looks that good must say I’d recommend two friends and family for my lawn looks awesome

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