• As a brand new customer, I am deeply disappointed! They would come do my lawn every three to four weeks. I had to chase and text them down just to see if I was getting lawn cut and maintaince ugh! But guess what, I received a whopping bill statement with hours unjustly. He uses many guys, they come once a month basically, but you get charged not for cuts, but for his staff count, so basically you are paying of overhead and human resource business. This is not a regular landscaping business, this is a business to pretty much take your hardworking $$$, so yes “methinknot”. Rethink and go find yourself a true reliable landscaping company, hope this helps.

  • Scam! Stay away! I’m seeing someone else had the same issue with this company – very sad! We are now going to be meeting Peter in court for this as well. He basically agreed to servicing our property weekly both for lawn maintenance during the summer and leaf removal in the fall. We agreed on a monthly fee for this service. Everything went ok during the summer but when fall came around he started visiting our property only once or twice a month to remove the leaves. When I received the first bill for the entire amount I thought it was an honest mistake. It wasn’t. He said he was only able to remove the leaves twice that month due to the weather (too much rain) but said because of the hours it took his team he needed to charge us the same amount. I was hesitant but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. When we looked at our cameras we actually saw that his team was NOT on our property but more than 40 min each time. The next month his team came ONCE and STILL charged us the FULL AMOUNT. Our lawn looked terrible for an entire month. In fact my husband had to do our own leaf removal on the driveway. We told him we would only pay him for his visits for the current and previous month. He declined and is suing us now. Guessing this is how he operates. SHAMEFUL! My husband and I will see you in court!!!!

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